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tyres & brakes

For competent tyre fitting and brake repairs, call:

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Trustworthy tyres and brakes

Your tyres and brakes are critical components of your vehicle, and it’s essential to maintain them well, and ensure that they’re fully functional. This will ensure both safety and performance of your vehicle. If you’re in or around Eastleigh, get in touch with Makley Motor Specialists for tyres and brakes. You can also depend on us for exhaust repairs, engine diagnostics as well as car servicing and repairs.

What we can offer you

We provide the following tyre and brake services:

  • Tyre fitting
  • Wheel balancing
  • Puncture repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Brake replacement

Ensure safer driving

By ensuring that you have good quality tyres and brakes, you’re also providing yourself with a safer vehicle that’s fit for driving. We’re Ferodo brake specialists and meet the required safety specifications. Our tyre and brake servicing will also ensure better fuel economy, so why not contact Makley Motor Specialists of Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth today?

When you need tyre and brake servicing that you can trust, you can depend on Makley Motor Specialists.

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