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Reduce emissions with our exhaust repairs

If your car exhaust is damaged, not only will it lead to higher fuel consumption but it could also allow harmful emissions into your car. This is why you need to take care of any issues with your exhaust promptly, so if you are in or around Eastleigh, get in touch with Makley Motor Specialists and have your exhaust repaired today. We also provide engine diagnostics, car servicing, van servicing and repairs and MOT preparation.

Exhaust maintenance

We provide the following exhaust repair services:

  • Holes in the exhaust
  • Cracks in the exhaust
  • Loose brackets
  • Corrosion 
  • Catalytic converters
  • DPF cleaning service from £230 +VAT (Tanap 131/132)

You are our main priority

At Makley Motor Specialists, you always come first. Our trained and experienced workforce will provide you with top quality exhaust repairs. We also provide a DPF cleaning service from £230 + VAT (Tunap 131/132). We work fast and efficiently so that you can be back on the road again within no time. You can use our services if you’re in or around Eastleigh.

When you need your exhaust repaired efficiently, you can count on Makley Motor Specialists.

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